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Use this section to summarise your skills and experience and explain what you can offer potential employers. It could be a general statement about you, or you could make it specific to a job you want to apply for.


In this section you should list your academic qualifications. If you did any coursework or projects that are relevant to the job you’re applying for, you can provide more information about them in the ‘further info’ field.

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In this section you should outline your previous experience. It’s really important to tell potential employers about your achievements in previous roles, as well as your day to day duties and responsibilities. If you’ve got lots of experience you should only include detailed information about those jobs which are relevant to the role you want to apply for, starting with the job that is most recent. Or alternatively you could just provide information about your most recent experience (maybe the last 5 years).

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Additional Information

In this section list your experience using relevant IT applications- think about how your skills relate to the kind of technology that’s used in the organisation you want to work for. You could also provide information about other technical skills like project management or training delivery.

Add information about your personal interests and hobbies to tell potential employers more about you and what makes you different. Don’t share anything that might be viewed as controversial.

Here at the Co-op, we take our responsibilities to prevent illegal working seriously. We don’t make any assumptions about who can and who can’t work in the UK, so we ask every person we employ to give us evidence that they’re allowed to work here and do the work that we’re offering.

If you’re applying for a job with us, you’ll be asked to provide these documents before you start working with us. These documents can include, but are not limited to, full UK or national passports, birth certificates and resident permits.